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Listen 2 Sessions EP

by listentojules

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    Die „Listen 2 Sessions“ EP wurde der Umwelt zuliebe nicht als CD oder Vinylpressung, sondern als Posterzine in modernem Design von Camilla Schröer veröffentlicht. Das Posterzine ist eine Mischung aus Magazin und Poster, welches klimaneutral mit Bio-Farben auf 100 % Recyclingpapier von der "dieUmweltDruckerei" gedruckt wurde und Fotos, Song-Lyrics und einen persönlichen Downloadcode beinhaltet.
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movin' on see the shadows movin' see the shadows movin' closer see the shadows fadin' creepin' under my skin feel the freeze, feel all that confusion it just wants to hold me sweet then I lose it. higher. goosebumps beasts collide becoming one you and I need to know that we have to keep movin' on movin' on, movin', movin' on beasts are colliding could it be that I've been holding on to you yet I feel unease and compulsion these voices all in my head clinging to my bones what ever beast it is I am not willing to hurt it it keeps coming, trying to creep up on me I feel it from head to toe stop colliding voices in my mind
it's raining it is raining, it's raining in my heart from grief, from anger, but also from bliss because I have everything and more than I need but under skin & bone lies my heart like a burning stone it is raining, it's raining on a stone raindrops hiss, vapor, then they're gone how many gallons of water are needed to cool it? millions more, I want it all 'til it's a lake, grey in blue drip that drop that stop that dripping drop it's raining, it's raining on a lake it's crystal clear, calm and yet awake a lake rich in knowledge, patience and peace only a swan battles the water surface, fluttering wings drip that drop that stop that dripping drop it's raining, and it is raining in my heart they drip, the drops. then they stop swans fly, the lake lies still, the stone is dry and soon it will be hot again washed up seeds will sprout, grow and bloom. it's a thrill.
tree song I learned from a tree to live from water & light and to be thirsty for more I learned from a tree to endure the drought and to save myself when it gets cold I learned from a tree to root, grow and sprout to wave my crown in the breeze I learned from a tree to wear my loudest colors and then to dance with the storm yes, I will keep dancing with the storm I learned from a tree adaptability, 'n to keep looking for the light always enjoy the sun I learned from a tree to live peacefully and stand with my limbs so bare and to listen to the songs of the wind and whisper them into the night I whisper songs of the trees into the night I whisper songs of the wind into the night
kaleidoscope the sun through my closed eyes and thoughts about the meaning of life seem to be a kaleidoscope pieces fall, colorful, in a dialogue then they rearrange in new ways a kaleidoscope the birds winging their way through the sky the clouds so dark, underneath a fire seem to be a kaleidoscope too bad sun and trees burn through our hands will they rearrange in new ways ? a kaleidoscope listen to the lungs of the earth. do you hear them crackling? children already know and wonder why mankind is taking the pure essence we still ignore breathing brown air is that human nature? let’s rearrange it, come closer, stranger! and see the sun through my closed eyes a kaleidoscope
white wall grey in a mellow mood, where the sunlight can't get through white and clear, precise and strong at noon friendly, tired, orange pink when the day is done and when everyone is peacefully in dreams you are still up and numb So numb you and I we both have tried it giving us the space we needed you and I we had a thing I have lost my mind on the way I'm observing this quiet wall trying to figure out what it might think here I sit and rest and wait and wonder where did it end? so strange to me, how does it feel to you?
I know now won't you get in my way you feel so strong but I am, too I'll pack my bag and walk my way I know now what to do won't you get in my way seeing a beautiful life life's not waiting for us but we can shape it everyday oh I know now what to do break the chains don't break the rules but open yours we are wild and we are free let the music spread it's mystery oh I know now what to do feel it in every vain let the spirits leave their common places call it beauty call it love happiness double if we share


released June 25, 2021


all rights reserved



listentojules Mannheim, Germany

listentojules aka Jules is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Munich / Mannheim, Germany working constantly on new music with a soulful and jazz driven sound.

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